My first goal is to reach a dividend income that would cover my household bills (apart from the rent or mortgage). According to my calculation, that amount would be 500$/month or 6000$ per year. In order to both keep good track of my progress, and be able to clearly see how much each purchase will contribute to my final goal, I decided to use a gauge. I believe that seeing the pointer rotate towards the goal will help me see and feel how my strategy as progressing and motivate me to stick to it.

This gauge will keep track of the expected income per month generated by my portfolio in US dollars ($):


- Dividend Income: $800 
- Forward Monthly Yield: 87$


Dividend Income: 300$ (Achieved December 2014)
Average Yield: 3%
Forward Monthly Yield: 50$ (Achieved September 2014)


  1. I like the gauge. Really cool. I want one now. Good job on setting goals. Good luck.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

    1. Hey dividenddreamer,

      I use an online tool http://www.optixl.com/gauge/ to create the gauge. Feel free to use it as well :).

      Thanks for dropping by!
      Dividend Venture