" Price is what you pay, value is what you get"
                                                      - Warren Buffet 

                       Sector Allocation                                                                Geographic Allocation

Company Ticker Country Stock Exchange Sector Weight Div Yield
Exxon Mobil XOM
NYSE Energy 4.40% 2.4%
LSE Energy 10.68% 3.7%
Unilever ULVR
LSE Consumer Goods 10.23% 3.7%
Chevron CVX
NYSE Energy 4.94% 3.5%
Bank Of Nova Scotia BNS
NYSE Financial 8.34% 4.0%
Beazley BEZ
LSE Financial 4.96% 3.6%
Johnson&Johnson JNJ
NYSE Healthcare 15.77% 2.8%
Walmart WMT
NYSE Retail 6.00% 2.5%
United Technologies Corporation UTX
NYSE Industrial 9.84% 2.1%
Chicago Bridge and Iron CBI
NYSE Energy 5.99% 0.44%
Ventas VTR
NYSE REIT 4.28% 4.7%
NYSE Industrials 4.77% 2.54%
Visa V
NYSE Payments 5.15% 0.73%
Mastercard MA
NYSE Payments 4.66% 0.74%


  1. Some very strong names on that list. Good start on your journey to achieve financial independence.

    Best wishes

    1. Hey Roadmap2Retire,

      Thanks for stopping by. Thank you! I'm hoping for these names o constitute a solid core to my portfolio. There are still some companies I want to add to the core, the ones I have been following recently are UTX, PG and MMM.

      Best Wishes,
      Dividend Venture

  2. Hi DV, I'm curious to gauge given that you are UK based, why are you investing in US and Canadian shares so frequently instead of strong dividend payers with good growth and better yields in the UK; surely there are additional tax implications holding non UK stock? Secondly, I'm curious as to which broker you are using (HL/iii/etc?)

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I see where you're coming from. There are indeed tax implications to holding these stocks, but I try not to let taxes influence my decisions (assuming they are within a reasonable range). I look for the best value I can find everywhere in the world as long as I am familiar with the country and the market.

      You are right that there are good UK companies out there, but I've been finding them a bit expensive for what you get. If this changes at the some point, you will see me loading up on more UK-based equities.